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Introducing the REAL Celebutante

The real Celebutante's holiday look book.
Photo: Courtesy of Celebutante

We think we have solved the mystery of Heatherette designer Richie Rich’s purported Celebutante line. Here’s the background: In August Richie told us himself that he would design a line for Hot Topic called Celebutante. A few weeks later Aubrey O’Day told us she would walk in the Celebutante show during Fashion Week and star in its raunchy circus–themed ad campaign. But then during Fashion Week we learned the show had been canceled and the line would not come out this year but sometime next year and would not be called Celebutante. The other day, we received the following letter:

Over the summer there was some reporting on Mr. Glitter himself (Richie Rich) and his venture with Hot Topic to create a line called ‘Celebutante’ GASP! We nearly dropped our mimosas as we poured over the clippings. Lydia… Aubrey… Campaigns… Gotham Hall on the 19th of September ?!?!?!

Well if you were wondering what every happened to the departure of that train or why the sudden lapse of memory on the part of Richie & his cast, we thought we’d inform you of who the REAL Celebutante is… Us… of course ;) We really didn’t mean to put the nail in Richie’s coffin, but we’ve been preparing for our Bday party for over a year now (wink).

Turns out there is a line called Celebutante, designed by Sean John alum Khary Setth. They’ve been working for a year on their first-ever collection for spring 2009, and their name is trademarked. So they took legal action against Richie’s Celebutante label and, Setth tells us, though legal proceedings are ongoing, it looks like his Celebutante line shall prevail and Richie will have to come up with another name. So perhaps a trademark case was the needle that popped Richie’s Celebutante balloon. And isn’t it funny how this line (pictured above) looks like something Richie could have created?

We feel better having solved the case. (We knew that fingerprinting powder would come in handy one of these days.) But we will not rest until we know this: Where the hell are the raunchy circus–images of Aubrey O’Day?

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Manolo Blahnik, Legendary Shoemaker

Manolo Blahnik, Legendary Shoemaker

Anna Wintour’s Tears of Fashion?

Photo: Getty Images

We’ve been wondering how Anna Wintour took the news about the cutbacks at Men’s Vogue. UnBeige reports, “One Condé staffer told us that during the meeting to announce the layoffs and scale backs at Men’s Vogue even Anna Wintour choked up.” Aw. [UnBeige/Media Bistro]

VitaminShampoo Settles Lawsuit; Kate Moss’s Stylist Makes Cheap Products

The "Oh No You Didn't Wig."

&#8226 The lawsuit between VitaminShampoo maker Vogue International and VitaminWater maker Energy Brands has been settled out of court. VitaminShampoo has agreed to redesign its packaging so it doesn’t look similar to VitaminWater’s anymore. [WWD]

&#8226 Kate Moss’s hairstylist, James Brown, launched a new cheapie product line at Boots in the U.K. We know what you’re thinking: Kate Moss still gets her hair done professionally? [Guardian]

&#8226 A 20 percent increase in home hair-color sales indicates no one can afford salons. [Jezebel]

&#8226 People say the “Oh No You Didn’t Wig” is racist. [Feministing]

&#8226 Pier 1 Imports is launching five new “specialty” bath lines this January. Because nothing goes with a new shower rod like new soap. [WWD]

&#8226 Yves Saint Laurent Beauté might launch a skin-care line in 2010. [WWD]

Yves Saint Laurent’s Inner Circle Comes Stateside

Photo: Courtesy of the de Young Museum

The 40-year retrospective of the late, great Yves Saint Laurent’s work opens at San Francisco’s de Young Museum tomorrow. It’s the only U.S. stop on the exhibit’s world tour, and YSL’s inner circle has traveled to San Francisco for the occasion. StyleBubble has a video of Saint Laurent’s partner Pierre Bergé’s speech at the press preview. [StyleBubble]

Cindy Crawford Makes a Comeback in French ‘Vogue’


The last time we thought about Cindy Crawford for more than five seconds, we wondered why the hell she was designing furniture. But she’s back to modeling for the sake of fashion instead of home wares. Cindy appears in an editorial in November’s French Vogue. And she looks pretty damn fierce. [eye4style]

Bravo Developing Five New Fashion-Themed Reality Shows

Our ideal 'Fashionality.'
Photo-illustration: Everett Bogue; Photos: Getty Images

You know why we love Bravo? Because when you tell that network to jump, it asks “How high?” They just announced the development of five fashion- and lifestyle-themed reality shows. These were undoubtedly cooked up to fill the considerable void left by Project Runway, which may end up on Lifetime. The new projects come on top of Fashion House, a fashion designer competition show in which contestants work in teams to create full clothing lines. We think that and the five new shows sound fabulously entertaining. They are:

1. Fashionality – Variety reports this show “will feature New York tastemakers conducting roundtable discussions and interviews on topics centering around pop culture and fashion.” Read: Fashion’s answer to those annoying political pundit shows.

2. Celebrity Sew-Off - This “features well-knowns cutting and hemming their own clothes in a design competition.” Read: Dancing with the Stars but with people doing things we’re actually interested in.

3. Double Exposure – “A docu-style series that follows art and fashion photog Markus Klinko as he shoots his famous subjects.” Read: Fabulous clothes, rock stars, and nipple slips.

4. Polo – This docu series profiles the lives of top polo players. Read: Desperate Hamptons housewives contemplate how to get a piece.

5. The Dubai Projects – This show “showcases the lavish lifestyles found in one of the world’s fastest-growing cities.” Read: Shameless spending runs amok. Plus: the Cavalli Club! We can feel the bass bumpin’ already.

This may screw us out of some free posters, but you know what, Bravo? We officially forgive you for Shear Genius and Top Design.

Bravo sews up projects [Variety]

Found on eBay: Margiela’s Dollar, Dollar Bills Y’All

Earlier this year, Maison Martin Margiela created an $11 bill wallet in a way that seemed very “damn the man!” with missing ink where GW’s head is supposed to be. Apparently, gray pumps were also part of the little faux-money line, and now they’ve made their way onto eBay. From the looks of it, it’s the real thing, with the bottom sole and phony $22 bills on the toebox printed exactly like the wallet. Originally, the shoes cost $645, but now they’re online with a starting bid of $99. At first, it’s like “Wow, Margiela for a hundred bucks!?” But then, reality hits: Even fake twenties will cost you. And in our economy, walking around with money on your toes is a big, bold move. Ironic, don’t you think? [Always In Style]

Meet the New Girl: Emma Maclaren

Emma Maclaren
Photo: Courtesy of DNA Model Management

Newcomer Emma Maclaren screams old-school supermodel. Thick, glossy, flaxen hair? Check. Flawless porcelain skin? Check. Legs for days? Check check check! The Worchester native made her runway debut with the spring 2009 season, walking for everyone from Marc Jacobs to Jil Sander to Givenchy. Photographer Corrine Day recently shot the blue-eyed gal for a Cacharel fragrance campaign. (Remember, Kate Moss got her big break working with Corrine for The Face in the early nineties.) This month, Emma’s featured in British Glamour, and next month, the 17-year-old appears on her first major cover for French L’Officiel.

Model Profile: Emma Maclaren

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Escada Designer ‘Honored’ Sarah Palin Loves His Clothes

Escada designer Damiano Biella.
Photo: Getty Images

Sarah Palin has said Escada is her favorite label. So could the opening of the new in-store Escada shop in Saks, where Palin spent $50,000 on clothes, be more ironically timed? At the party celebrating the new shop last night, Escada Creative Director Damiano Biella admitted he’d heard Palin was wearing his designs. But was that a good thing for the label? “That is a politically incorrect question that I cannot answer,” Biella said, laughing. “I don’t know. I mean, she’s a public person … you know, after the election we’ll talk about it.” He said Escada is not trying to distance itself from Palin. “If she does wear Escada because she likes it, I mean, I’m honored actually. It’s not politics; it’s clothing, after all. No? She’s an attractive woman, so why not?”

Biella did not want to comment on whether the $150,000 shopping spree was a smart political move. The topic also unsettled Saks’ articulate CEO, Stephen Sadove, who stammered when we brought it up. “Oh, I’m not,” he began. “Sarah Palin obviously shopped here. I don’t really have anything to say beyond that. We have a lot of customers, we have a lot of great products, we’re happy that she chose to shop at Saks.” Raise your hand if you agree!