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Critic’s Notebook: What’s Wrong With Vogue?

Rumors of Anna Wintour’s ouster (much exaggerated) illuminate doubts about her magazine.

Fitness: The Enlightened Path, With a Rubber Duck

Some yogis are using humor as their vehicle to self-improvement and understanding.

Front Row: Ominous Cutbacks at Chanel

Chanel laying off 200 employees proves the sting of the recession is reaching further and further up the retail ladder. No luxury brand is safe.

Critical Shopper | MAC: Dress Worldly, Spend Locally

MAC (Modern Appealing Clothing) in San Francisco has a vision for local artists as well as fashion.

Until 2009…

So 2008’s been real and all, but we’re checking out early today to rest up for this fabulously freezing-cold snowy evening ahead of us. Joy. Ladies, we implore you, dress weather-appropriate this evening. Taylor Momsen’s slinky see-through top with tights as pants is an example of the opposite of what we mean. Coats, scarves, boots, and pants are okay. Really. No one wants to step over girls with traction-less stilettos splayed out on the sidewalk catching frostbite all night. Stay warm and we’ll be back to our regular blogging schedule on Friday. Happy New Year!

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Whitney Port Blogs About The City

Whitney Port has kindly put us out of our misery and revealed what she wore in the first episode of reality TV crack The City. Though you’d think she’d wear a Diane Von Furstenberg design to her first day on the job, that skanky yellow dress in the opening was a vintage number. She wore Opening Ceremony on her first date with Jay the Aussie and DVF to the fashion show, which she calls “one of the CRAZIEST days of my life” (yeah, it looked … hard). In the last scene, when she visited Kelly Cutrone, Whitney wore a Sass & Bide jacket and Alice McCall dress. So yay! Now we can all go out and dress exactly like WhiPort with our very own just-a-regular-girl-trying-to-make-it-in-the-city money! We can’t wait for her to debut those two pairs of Manolos she purchased with Olivia in the first episode. Will she wear them uptown or downtown? Suspense.

What I Wore in the Premiere of ‘The City’ [Whitney Port]

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Karl Lagerfeld Makes Boob Bowl Inspired by Claudia Schiffer

Claudia Schiffer is no longer the face of Chanel, but old campaign pictures are not the last vestiges of her partnership with Karl Lagerfeld. Apparently, the Kaiser designed a bowl for Dom Pérignon Champagne inspired by Claudia’s breast, as you see here. The design is modeled after a bowl made especially for Queen Marie Antoinette in 1787. Wine Spectator reports that, according to legend, Marie’s bowl was the exact size of one of her breasts. (No, we don’t know if Karl made a papier-mâché mold of Claudia’s boob for this project.) Lagerfeld’s boob bowl sits atop porcelain replicas of Dom bottles bearing his and Claudia’s signatures. If you, like us, are dying for one for New Year’s, you can get it with a purchase of a bottle of 1995 Dom Pérignon Oenothèque for just $3,150. The Champagne won’t last long, but the porcelain breast &#8212 depending on how hard you party tonight &#8212 should last forever.

Unfiltered: Dom Pérignon Pays Homage to a Top Model’s Chest [Wine Spectator]

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Mrs. O Is Not What You Think It Is

We feel ripped off.

On this last day of 2008, the most tumultuous year we’ve had personally and collectively, we come to find out that a blog we’ve linked to, read often, found interesting and informative is an ad-agency blog. Yes, Mrs. O is not a random site done by a Michelle Obama enthusiast. It’s bankrolled by advertising agency Bartle Bogle Hegarty and written by Mary Tomer, one of the company’s account planners. Tomer had come up with the idea and, instead of blogging on the side, had asked her bosses to pay for it.

Now, we have to say that was rather ingenious of her, but we also aren’t so sure we can read the site in quite the same light. It’s difficult to separate the blog from the author, and we thought Mrs. O was an obsessed fashionista, much like ourselves. But for the site to be a marketing tool, something to show future clients as a possible product, well, that makes us feel slightly icky. “They [Bartle Bogle] will be able to use Mrs. O to say, ‘Here’s what we did,’” George Parker, an advertising consultant and writer of AdScam, told the New York Times. “It demonstrates an expertise that’s outside the old parameters of what ad agencies did.”

But there’s more than just using the site as an example of what the agency can do. “There was a realization that there was a bigger idea here that was a very viable business opportunity,” Tomer told the Times. And with a book deal, tote bags, and other merchandise in the works, it seems Mrs. O has cashed in. Had the site been independent and achieved this level of success, we’d be saying kudos. But right now it appears like nothing more than a marketing ploy and we’re slightly disheartened that a blog we liked is just an agency site.

Ad Agencies Fashion Their Own Horn, and Toot It [NYT]

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Sisters Share a Capitol Sandbox

The Sanchezes are the first and only sisters in Congress, and are known for their ability to stand out amid a sea of gray in the House of Representatives.

Meet the New Girl: Anne Vyalitsyna

Anne Vyalitsyna at La Perla (Women Management)

Anna Jagodzinska may have been last season’s runway comeback queen, but this season, it was all about Anne Vyalitsyna. The ex-Chloé face was one of high fashion’s darlings from 2002 through 2005. Then, like many models, the coquettish sex bomb went down the Sports Illustrated route, mugging for four consecutive spreads, alongside Marisa Miller, Ana Beatriz Barros, etc. That was until this past September. After a management switch to Women New York, Vyalitsyna came back with runway bookings for Prada, Hermès, and Givenchy. Keep an eye out for the February issue of i-D where she’s featured on the cover fully nude alongside Boyd Holbrook. You can also pick up the current issue of French Vogue where you’ll find her as well. When models so easily get labeled as high fashion or commercial, it’s lucky to be able to work both sides. And look good doing it.

Model Profile: Anne Vyalitsyna

For more on fashion’s favorite faces, check out our ever-growing Model Manual.

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