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Shaken & Stirred: The Collins Boys, in Breezy Simplicity

Mint and cucumber freshen an old favorite.

Putting Glamour on Horseback

The polo player and model Nacho Figueras at the Manhattan Polo Classic.To sell polo to Americans, it helps to look the part. Nacho Figueras has it covered.

Social Q’s: Dress Rehearsal

This week, answers to readers’ questions about how to handle family theft, cutting in line, how to react when people say the worst things at the worst moments, and people who don’t curb their dogs.

Now Showing: ‘When You’re a Boy’

Fashion exhibitions rarely focus on men’s wear, and rarer still do they focus on a stylist.

The Moment: Weapons-Grade Gold | Dominic Jones

Dominic Jones, the 24-year-old London jewelry designer and club kid about town, is getting attention for his high fashion Goth jewelry line.

The Moment: Vain Glorious | Richard Phillips for MAC

The artist Richard Phillips chats about his newest project — a collaboration with MAC.

Men’s Fashion: Resurgence of Club Collars

Long considered an overly twee shirt detail, the rounded club collar, most popular during the first decades of the 20th century, is having a resurgence.

Design: Inside Roberto Cavalli’s House

Only an emperor of fashion like Roberto Cavalli would be able to change the color of his house with the flick of a switch.

Delightful! Kanye West Rumored to Be Designing a Line for Gap

Us Weekly broke the news a few weeks ago that Kanye West was interning at the Gap, where he toiled away until midnight, soaking up knowledge and real-world fashion-industry experience like the good little nonsensical, bright-purple-sweater-wearing sponge he is. Then a wily public-relations person tore through the media, denying the reports, which was sad, because we had begun to imagine Kanye as a design tour de force for not just Louis Vuitton customers and sneaker freaks, but the Everyman and the Everyman’s chinos. Finally, through Gap, we felt like we could relate to Kanye. But now, the story is back in the Chicago Tribune, which reports that Kanye is interning at Gap’s headquarters in Manhattan, working side-by-side with his buddy creative director Patrick Robinson. Friends don’t let friends intern for administrative assistants.

The Tribune also reports:

It has been speculated West is looking to launch a line of clothing for the Gap, but so far, those reports have not been confirmed.

Well someone at Gap had better start confirming things, because this is exactly what that brand needs to start making money again. A ridiculous, gimmicky line designed and fronted by a celebrity along with, ideally, his stunning lady love, Amber Rose. If her smile and personal style don’t say “shop at Gap” we don’t know what does.

Kanye West Interns At The Gap In NYC [Chicago Tribune]

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Gareth Pugh Is Coming to Milk’s Fashion Week

The Fashion Week for cool people at Milk Studios is getting cooler by the week. Already, Proenza Schouler, Alexander Wang, and ThreeAsFour are showing in the space instead of the Mercedes Benz tents or other off-site venues. Confessions of a Casting Director now reports that one of our favorite designers, Gareth Pugh, who shows in Paris, will show a video installation by Steven Klein at the space. Hooray! It’s not as thrilling as a runway show, but Gareth will be here in the flesh, perhaps wearing his nipple clamp. We hope he attracts Beyoncé — or Solange, at the least. [COACD/Twitter via Fashionologie]

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