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Rodarte, the Movie… More at the Store for Vera Wang… Expected in Paris…

Rodarte designers Kate and Laura Mulleavy are film buffs, sharing a particular love for the horror genre.

Vuitton to Sponsor Film Award

Road movies are taking a luxury turn.

Spring 2010 Ready-to-Wear Trend: Stepford Life

It’s not easy being perfect. But it can be affordable.

Fashion Magazines Turn to Reality TV to Stay Relevant

September covers.

Newsstand sales and ad pages are down pretty much across the board for monthly fashion magazines. In times like these, women aren’t spending as much money on magazines in stores as they used to, and they aren’t spending as much money on the fashion the magazines plug, either. Indeed, plugging outfits that each cost more than a year (or two or three) of college tuition isn’t what most women want shoved gallantly in their faces in These Economic Times (but has it ever been, really?). So in this year’s September issues, many fashion monthlies pushed frugal finds to woo readers. Both Harper’s Bazaar and Vogue pushed “stylish steals” on their September covers in an attempt to stay relevant.

But their efforts don’t stop there: Many lady magazines are looking for reality-TV shows to either sponsor or essentially star in. Elle was the first to do this, with Project Runway (which is now sponsored by Marie Claire), when it premiered six seasons ago on Bravo. “All editors are spending a lot of time thinking about television because it’s one way of making the magazine stay relevant,” Marie Claire editor Joanna Coles tells AdWeek. “When everybody’s clamoring for newsstand attention, anything that brings the brand to people’s attention is helpful.” This is probably why Anna Wintour is stepping so much into the public eye lately, with the release of R.J. Cutler’s Vogue documentary, The September Issue — instead of reality television, Vogue chose the big screen. Marie Claire sold more single-copy issues after its reality show Running With Heels premiered on the Style network.

However, reality TV doesn’t always work out: Elle’s Stylista competition reality show — in which intolerable contestants vied for an internship at the magazine and a sizable H&M gift card flopped — won’t return for a second season. The magazine has since taken in Olivia Palermo on a PR-assistant sort of role, and she’ll appear on second season of The City, which we already know is a much better show than Stylista. Harper’s Bazaar is also trying to get its “Fabulous at Every Age” feature on television in some capacity. And surely Project Runway’s record season-six premiere suggests the nation’s appetite for fashion reality television remains far from satiated.

But maybe the real problem with fashion magazines these days is not a lack of visibility in the realty-television arena, but a lack of content that readers can truly use. Sure, they can do features on finds for under $500, but most women might get more out of a feature about items under, say, $200. Also, the magazines might consider images of women who don’t already look emaciated in real life, only to have their kneecaps erased, noses de-crooked, and thighs slimmed in Photoshop. You know, things the everyday women can relate to. Maybe that’s why reality TV is so popular. The events might be 99 percent staged, but the people on them mostly aren’t wearing $2,000 pencil skirts and avoiding pasta as though it were a toxic substance.

The Delicate Balance [AdWeek]

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Jimmy Choo’s Over-the-Knee Boots for H&M Will Apparently Cost About $345

An image from Jimmy Choo’s H&M line leaked on the Fashion Spot. The over-the-knee boots cost 1,799 DKK, or about $345. The line — which includes shoes, bags, and accessories for men and women and women’s apparel — hits stores November 14. At that price, they should be real leather. [Nitro:licious]

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Burberry Is Spending More Money to Show in London This Season

This season Burberry Prorsum is moving its fashion show to London after showing in Milan for seasons. Shortly after its announcement Pringle of Scotland, Matthew Williamson, Antonio Berardi, Jonathan Saunders, and Clements Ribeiro announced they’d move to London, too. It’s unclear what exactly is prompting the great migration back to the U.K., but Burberry designer Christopher Bailey tells the Telegraph money had nothing to do with it:

“It’s actually costing us a lot more to show here. It was a gut instinct,” he says. “It’s the 25th anniversary, films are being made, art, theater, and design are buzzing, they’re planning the Olympics. London is the place to be right now. Am I nervous? No! It’s pure adrenalin. It’s my first London fashion show. The only other time my designs have been on the catwalk was when I graduated from the Royal College of Art, in 1994.”

Or, as the Telegraph reiterates, “Bailey’s lean, boyish frame masks the strength of an ox, and his head buzzes with ideas as hot as a furnace.” So how do they explain the return of the other designers? More animal metaphors, please.

Burberry has come home [Telegraph UK]

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The Cat’s Out of the Bag

Stacy Haiduk, an actress on The Young and the Restless, walked the red carpet at the Daytime Emmy’s yesterday with a (presumably) stuffed cat. We’re told it’s a prop from the show.

Would you have gone this far? And really, what animal is most appropriate for the red carpet?

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Critical Shopper | Jonathan Adler: Take a Sunrise, Sprinkle It With Dew

It is hard to remain disgruntled in a Jonathan Adler environment. Item No. 1 of his manifesto, printed right on the wall, is, “We believe that your home should make you happy.”

Homeless Man Enjoys Fashion Moment on the Sartorialist

Scott Schumann, the Sartorialist, usually doesn’t shoot homeless people, because he most often doesn’t “find it romantic or appealing.” However, one homeless man on the Bowery, wearing blue boots, recently changed his mind. At first, Schumann noticed the shoes, but late, upon closer inspection, he noticed his coordinating blue socks, gloves, and glasses. Schumann writes, “This shot isn’t about fashion — but about someone who, while down on his luck, hasn’t lost his need to communicate and express himself through style. Looking at him dressed like this makes me feel that in some way he hasn’t given in or given up.” After the homeless-chic cover of September’s Italian Vogue and Elle’s awarding an internship to a homeless girl, it seems homelessness is having a fashion moment. But the Olsens figured that out years ago. [Sartorialist]

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Demi Moore Denies Ever Getting Plastic Surgery; Woman Will Go to Court for Botched Brazilian

Demi Moore.

• Demi Moore, 46, on rumors of plastic surgery: “It’s completely false, I’ve never had it done. But I would never judge those who have. If it’s the best thing for them, then I don’t see a problem.” [Telegraph UK]

• A woman who claimed a Brazilian wax at Bliss Spa left her with serious genitalia injuries in 2006 is going to court, after an attempt by Bliss Spa to prevent a trial was denied by a judge last week. Medical experts will have to debate whether the situation was “vulvar irritation” or “labia trauma,” which is more serious. [Cityfile]

• If you envy Nicole Richie’s flatiron curls, here are five steps to achieve your dream of getting hair that looks just like hers. [Beauty Banter]

• Many people are getting at-home haircuts during the economic downturn, as 72 percent of salons have reported a drop in customer spending since January, in a poll of 600 salons. [WSJ]

• A nightclub in Sweden is getting a lot of attention because it refuses to admit women who have visible tattoos, claiming they look “distasteful.” [Jezebel]

• The cosmetics brand Hard Candy is relaunching in Wal-Mart stores in September, with every product priced under $10. The brand used to be hard to find because it was sold only in specialty and duty-free shops. [Daily Beauty Reporter/Allure]

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