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Modern Love: All I Wanted Was a Hug

A mission experience in Taiwan arouses an intense desire for human connections in a 22-year-old Mormon woman from the United States.

A Night Out With | Andy Bichlbaum: Prankster With a Purpose

Andy Bichlbaum.Andy Bichlbaum is one of the Yes Men, a pair of “culture jamming” activists who pose as powerful people to draw attention to causes.

Generation B: The Difference a Year Makes

Harry MacAvoy at the Capitol in Albany.Baby boomers are counted as lucky for having lived through a time of unprecedented prosperity. But Harry MacAvoy, 52, believes that within his generation, there was one year to be born that was luckier than the rest, 1957.


Bulletproof Eating.

Vogue Goes Green in Its Own Vogue-y Way

After Chanel’s barnyard spring 2010 extravaganza, it’s only natural for Vogue to hit the farm for November’s environment issue. In addition to stories like Hamish Bowles’s first-person account of his wildlife survival mission, the magazine dabbles in the world of sustainable food. Model Karlie Kloss poses in a farm-glorifying spread in California (among relatively measly crops, if we may). She also sprouts like a Chanel-clad stalk from robust (possibly mutant, if we may) rows of Swiss chard and kale on Greenpoint’s own Rooftop Farms. In the accompanying article — don’t forget, things to read are in there — Vogue darling Sally Singer decides to reduce her environmental impact — kind of like when Kimora Lee Simmons did it for her reality show Life in the Fab Lane. But Singer actually knows a thing or two about being green going into it. She has already incorporated local food into her diet, bikes occasionally, and champions sustainable fashion. But she still feels guilty.

[L]ike most of us, I’ve also incorporated an extraordinary amount of waste into my daily life. I fly everywhere and take taxis without thinking about it. I order takeout that generates tin-foil mountains and avalanches of Styrofoam containers. God know how many plastic water bottles I’ve gone through, not to mention the thousands of plastic action figures that my three sons have nurtured … Sometime last spring, I decided to do something about this. I wanted to be like Leo and Cameron and the ex–Mrs. Larry David and all those stars who live in houses covered with solar panels and bathe in self-sustaining irrigation systems, and who think cooking oil is something you put in your car’s fuel tank.

Since this is Vogue, she can pretty easily be like one of those people! So she commissions New York company Deep Green Living to help her reduce her environmental impact (Kimora hired one of these companies, too — maybe the same one, who knows). She goes greener by installing low-flow showerheads; her husband whines, “You’ve just taken away my one pleasure in life.” She goes greener by purchasing Brooklyn-made soaps wrapped in vintage magazines (oh, the joys of recyclables!). And she goes even greener by waking up at 5 a.m. to cook overflowing deliveries of local produce.

In the end, the only thing she can really commit to is cycling (unless she kept that low-flow showerhead after turning in her story). She gets the Vogue-iest bike she can get — a Simple City by Gary Fisher — and enjoys nods to her chicness as she cruises around town. She even rides while traveling thanks to communal bicycle programs in Europe (but did she bike to the shows at Paris Fashion Week? Hmmm?). It’s not only green, it’s a great way to burn calories! And to Singer’s credit, nowhere in the piece does she point this out.

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First Look: Solid Spring Previews From Steven Alan, Armani Exchange, American Eagle (!)

Even before the first frost has set, we packed our week with spring market presentations to preview what’s to come this spring. From chambray shirts at American Eagle Outfitters (yes, American Eagle!) to loose plaid smocks at Steven Alan, several highlights had us ready to empty our closet of its winter wardrobe. And spring’s outerwear options also looked refreshing, as A|X Armani Exchange showed crisp motorcycle-style bombers that we want now. Click ahead to see a sampling of our latest favorites to pop up for spring.

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Stella McCartney’s Kid Rock

“I did a lot of looking at my own kids,” Stella McCartney said on Thursday evening of the inspiration for the lines she was launching for GapKids and BabyGap.

Georgina Chapman: Feather Princess

Very pretty Marchesa designer Georgina Chapman attended the Music Unites Fall Masquerade Gala last night wearing a white feathered frock, surely one of her own designs.

What do you think of her feathered dress?

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More Blackface, This Time in V

Is the fashion industry obsessed with blackface? After Lara Stone’s blackface French Vogue editorial and Tyra Banks’s blackface America’s Next Top Model photo shoot, V will publish an editorial in the new issue hitting stands November 3 with Sasha Pivovarova in blackface, posing opposite Heidi Mount. Mario Sorrenti shot the spread. Seriously, why so many blackface shoots? Can’t fashion nurse a less controversial obsession? Like wearing and dressing up cats? We’d like to see some pusses in some boots, please.

Black Is The New Black? [FWD]

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Uma Thurman Justifies Shilling Fragrance; Michael Kors to Launch Makeup With Estée Lauder

Uma Thurman.

• Uma Thurman, face of Givenchy’s upcoming fragrance Ange ou Démon le Secret, on whether she would star in a campaign ten years ago: “At the time, there weren’t a lot of actors doing endorsements or doing a creative commercial like this. It seemed very risky to the creative career. Times have changed; now all my colleagues have perfumes or stuff like that.” [WWD]

Balenciaga is launching a fragrance in February. Designer Nicolas Ghesquière spearheaded the creative process. He was drawn to smells of “floor wax and flowers, such as violet and carnation, plus more urban odors, like gasoline.” Charlotte Gainsbourg will star in the campaign, shot by Steven Meisel. [WWD]

• In January, Michael Kors will launch a makeup collection inspired by his spring 2010 runway show with Estée Lauder. [Daily Beauty Reporter/Allure]

• Taraji P. Henson appeared to have mistakenly forgotten to wipe excess powder from underneath her eyes before attending a red-carpet event this week. The powder (gasp!) didn’t even match her skin color. [Spoiled Pretty]

• People with curly hair, like Taylor Swift, have an easier time making casual updos look effortless. [Girls in the Beauty Department/Glamour]

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