Monthly Archives: June 2010

Fashion Review: In Paris, the Meek Take Hold

The beauty of fashion: Insist on something long enough, and everybody will think it’s their idea.

Crib Sheet: The 10 Things to Talk About This Weekend

Larry King’s reign and the world’s longest tennis match finally end, and more.

Browsing: Opening Ceremony Revives Timberland Boat Shoes

Opening Ceremony revives the Watershoe with new colors.

Browsing: Bless Introduces Avant-Garde Sunglasses

Bless introduces perforated metal and gold chains that replace lenses.

Browsing: Dutch Bike Store Opening in Brooklyn

Rolling Orange, in Cobble Hill, specializes in imports.

Noticed: Mochila Project Inspires Must-Have Bags

All the right people have them, although the item is hard to find.

Appeal of Silly Bandz Bracelets Expands to Adults

Silly Bandz are a playful fashion fad, just in time for summer.

Browsing: Dijital Fix Opens New Store

Techno-lust goes designer-chic at Dijital Fix, which opened a second store last month, on the Lower East Side.

Scouting Report

A muscle-toning sneaker, a new store in Southampton and sales in Manhattan and Brooklyn and at Woodbury Common.

Special Report: Radical Surgery on Regular Menswear

It was as if men’s wear designers had used a scalpel instead of pencil for spring 2011.