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Mark + James Bag It… Karl Lagerfeld Does Sneakers…

Mark Badgley and James Mischka are set to debut the Mark + James handbag for fall.

Pre-Fall 2011 Trend: Variety Pack

You can’t please everyone, but contemporary designers are giving it their best shot.

Escada: Let the Fall Games Begin

Fashion house is getting a head start on the new season, showing its fall collection this week.

Spring Shopping Guide

—Marina Larroude

What I Wore: Dressed to Style, Tress by Tress

Sally Hershberger, a celebrity hairstylist, says she wears black a lot because it feels “clean and strong.”

The Man Behind the Ace Empire

What started out in a Seattle barbershop has become a bona fide scene, one whose aesthetics and business model are redefining the overlapping worlds of drinking, dining, sleeping and shopping.

Hey, Fashion, Watch Out for the FOOD

The Barneys catalogue. Bet she smelled great after this one!

Fashion is in a tricky place right now. The industry is struggling to emerge from the recession, the new decade’s defining fashions are finding their footing, and many of us may be destined to look like sloppy messes when we attempt to wear, and then stain, our all-white spring outfits, many of which aren’t that exciting to begin with. But something darker has been lurking for too long in the shadows cast on catering tables, striving to be trendy, after being forlorn and not only forgotten about, but rejected for so long: the food. Chocolate fashion shows proliferate, Lady Gaga’s meat dress still gets talked about like it was the most astonishing thing ever to happen to a cow, and even Barneys is making food items the supporting models in its catalogue. Chocolate-dress maker Joelle Mahoney knows firsthand the trouble with her medium:

“Try to keep the chocolate away from the armpit area,” advises Ms. Mahoney, a self-described “chocolate artist.”

Another problem? If you thought anything was high-maintenance on a fashion shoot, nothing is more high-maintenance than certain produce. As in, the kind you wear:

Los Angeles costume designer Mia Gyzander discovered different hurdles while creating a purple-and-green cabbage gown for Ms. Leachman, who wore it in an ad for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

“I thought the deep burgundy was really pretty with her skin tone,” Ms. Gyzander says. However, she soon realized that “the outside leaves are bigger and more flexible, but the inside ones are smaller and crumbly.” It took three people 10 hours to select the biggest leaves off 70 heads of cabbage and sew them on.

And the photo series “Hunger Pains,” commissioned in 2009 by photographer Ted Sabarese, in which models wear outfits made entirely of food, like waffle pants and a skirt made of rump roast, taught one model the dangers fraught with food-based clothing.

One hazard of posing for a food-clothing photo shoot, says model Bridget Ploof, who donned the bread outfit: “I was getting hungry.” She recalls, “the studio smelled like waffles and pasta and bacon.”

You know one of the strengths of the crudité and limp, cold sandwiches you might find at the catering station on a fashion shoot or at a fashion show: They don’t have a smell.

Tasteful Attire: Designers Whip Up a Buffet of Fashion Out of Food [WSJ]

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Charles Nolan Dies at 53

Charles Nolan and Tipper from the 2000 DNC.

Designer Charles Nolan, best known for the clothes he made for women in politics, died yesterday in his home on the Upper West Side at the age of 53. His partner of sixteen years, Andrew Tobias, told the New York Times the designer had cancer of the head and neck. In 2003 Nolan quit his job as head designer of Anne Klein to volunteer for Howard Dean’s presidential campaign. Nolan’s private clients included Tipper Gore, who famously wore his clothes at the 2000 Democratic National Convention. Nolan also recruited Robert F. Kennedy’s daughter Kerry Kennedy, John Kerry’s sister Peggy Kerry, and Olympic swimmer Dara Torres to walk in his runway shows.

Charles Nolan, Designer, Is Dead at 53 [NYT]

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Gisele Seems Very Happy About Her Dress

Gisele Bündchen attended a party for the Colcci fashion show at Brazil Fashion Week in São Paulo this weekend, where she walked the red carpet in a cherry-colored minidress with semi-puffed sleeves. She accessorized with black peep-toe heels and a chain-strap bag.

Does this outfit make you as happy as it did Gisele?

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T Magazine: Vain Glorious | Edible Beauty

A new crop of nutraceuticals (ingestible beauty products) aim to help with the not-so-New Year’s resolutions.