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Fall Trend: Checking In

Wool coat from Woolrich John Rich & Bros Black Label; White + Warren’s cashmere turtleneck; Plenty by Tracy Reese’s polyester and rayon skirt. Hue tights; Rebecca Minkoff shoes.

No pattern epitomizes fall more than plaid.

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Cynthia Vincent, Rock Chick… Jets Players Tout Ermenegildo Zegna…

Cynthia Vincent

Cynthia Vincent is not a brand one generally associates with rock ’n’ roll.

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Ann Taylor: Clean, Classic and Graphic

Ann Taylor Fall 2011

“Women of substance and style” inspired Lisa Axeslson, Ann Taylor’s senior vice president of design, for fall.

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Arm Candy

—Marina Larroude

Body Double

Heartthrob. It’s a word the world associates with Jake Gyllenhaal. His good looks (and acting skills, of course) are what drew the likes of Karen Elson, Cynthia Rowley, and Tinsley Mortimer to the Crosby Street Hotel last night for the Cinema Society and Coach screening of his latest film, Source Code. “Comedian,” however, is the term his cast mates and director, Duncan Jones, use to describe him.

“I hadn’t witnessed that comedic side of him in any of his films, but he has an extraordinary sense of humor,” his co-star Michelle Monaghan told “He doesn’t take himself too seriously.” Standing nearby, Gyllenhaal tried to maintain a straight face. “I am a somber, very serious actor,” he said. When asked about the jokes he told on set, he replied, “You really want them? You wouldn’t be able to print any of them.”

The film doesn’t reflect the laughs that happened behind the scenes—it tells the story of a soldier (Gyllenhaal) who wakes up in someone else’s body with a mission to find a train bomber. At the hotel’s basement after-party, Monaghan revealed whose body she would like to wake up in. “Meryl Streep,” she said. “Come on—she’s a genius and I want to get inside her brain and pick it.”

—Kristin Studeman

Nail’s Seasonal Order

On the Runway: Curious About Georges Dambier

Georges Dambier, whose work is the subject of a delightful exhibition at the Bonni Benrubi Gallery on East 57th Street (through May 14), liked to use Paris as the backdrop for his fashion photographs.

Motherlode: Are You Your Child’s ATM?

Many parents are handing out cash just because their children ask.

Candice Swanepoel Accused of Looking ‘Shockingly Thin’

Yesterday Victoria’s Secret model Candice Swanepoel appeared at a promotional event for Victoria’s Secret swimwear in West Hollywood looking — get this, you guys — skinny. “Scary skinny,” editorializes the Daily News, which calls her waistline “shockingly thin,” attempting to fuel their point by running a photo of Candice taken yesterday next to a photo of Candice walking in the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show in November. Like, can you believe she is thin? Can you believe this Victoria’s Secret supermodel would dare to maybe even be a tiny bit thinner than she was a few months ago or perhaps — oh, God, could this be possible — have stayed the same size? Can you believe these two photos of her? Why, they’re — they’re just … so … shocking!!!

Stars’ weight battles [NYDN]

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T Magazine: Consumer Shoe Index

I’ve always considered shoe catalogs to be a relatively safe pleasure, until I encountered Bergdorf Goodman’s.