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Male Gaze: The Man With the Dropping Ball

Tonight, as we watch Ryan Seacrest announce a giant and glittering ball is dropping in Times Square, let’s take a moment to pay him some respect. He is pretty good at that whole hosting thing, even as this is the first New Year’s Eve that he won’t have an assist

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And Thus, the Burch Versus Burch Lawsuit Was Over

What was shaping up to be a spectacularly messy court case between ex-spouses Chris and Tory Burch has ended with an anticlimactic settlement. WWD reports that the Burches came to a peaceful agreement and will not pursue their various lawsuits, subpoenas, and counter-suits. As you might expect, the details of

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New Shade for the New Year: Indigo-Meets-Green

2013 will be a bright, bold year, so we suggest reaching for an equally unlikely color to mix into your new look for the year — a peacock combination of indigo with emerald green. Try using it as an offbeat contrast to wintry blacks or as an accent to pale pinks.

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The Middletons Sell Royal Baby-Themed Paper Plates

Someone over at the Daily Mail noticed that the Middletons’ company, Party Pieces, sells paper plates printed with the words "Little Prince" and "Little Princess" (in blue and pink, respectively) on their website, presumably for baby showers. Apparently this is grounds for accusing the Middletons of "cashing in" on Kate’s

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When Hungover, Balmain Designer Is Lovin’ It

Asked for his hangover remedy, Olivier Rousteing told Fashionista: "McDonald’s. I buy nine nuggets, barbeque sauce, a burger, McFlurry and potatoes. I swear when you get out of the club at six, or seven and you wait a bit till McDonald’s open[s], that’s the best cure."

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The Fifteen Best Celebrity Partiers of 2012

Many of you will wake up tomorrow and woozily resolve to be better behaved in 2013. We’re here to strongly discourage that. See, life is just more interesting when you let things get debaucherous. You could canoodle with a comely nude stranger (Prince Harry), wear an Olympic medal (Naomi Campbell),

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Elza van den Heever in ‘Maria Stuarda’ at the Met

The soprano Elza van den Heever said she was moved to shave her head to play Elizabeth I in “Maria Stuarda” as a way of contributing to the professionalism she saw at the Metropolitan Opera.

Vionnet Owner Robbed

Goga Ashkenazi has been robbed in Barra de Moldonando, Uruguay, where she is spending the holidays with her boyfriend Lapo Elkann.

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Looks Like Belgium Will Remain ‘in Need of’ Bernard Arnault

On Saturday, France’s highest court overturned President François Hollande’s plan to tax those who make more than €1 million ($1.32 million) — like Bernie — at a 75 percent rate, calling it unfair, the AP writes. It wasn’t so much the 75 percent that bothered the court, but the distribution of income among

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T Magazine: Look of the Year | Kristen Stewart

All year long, the actress and fashion plate seemed to be wearing exactly the right thing at precisely the right moment.