Monthly Archives: February 2016

This Lorde-Taylor Swift Pic Looks Like an Album Cover

At the Vanity Fair Oscar party last night, Taylor Swift (in her Anna Wintour bob), her bud Lorde, and her bro Austin took on the night like pro models. But Lorde posted an Instagram shot that looks too good to be casual — like, so good it could be on … More »

Watch Stacey Dash Read Mean Tweets About Her Confusing Oscars Appearance

Remember when everybody briefly got to be the Weeknd last night? Confusing person Stacey Dash published a vlog post Monday to address her confusing Oscars appearance and to tackle some of the immediate backlash she received. "There are a lot of people that don’t agree with me, and have a … More »

Erin Andrews Said Media Made Her Stalker’s Video Seem Like a Publicity Stunt

Fox News broadcaster Erin Andrews gave her testimony  in court Tuesday over a civil suit she filed against a Nashville hotel, reported Deadspin. In July 2009, businessman Michael David Barrett took a video of her undressing through a peephole of the hotel. Andrews said that after her stalker posted the … More »

Eva Amurri Martino Had To Fire Her Nanny, and She Blogged All About Why

Actress, (Susan Sarandon’s daughter "and now blogger!"), Eva Amurri Martino, published a new entry on her mommy blog, "Happily Eva After," detailing some new drama in her life. After recently firing a nanny, Eva and her husband, Kyle, had to do so again. And the story is, as Eva says, … More »

MAD Loot Event to be Held in April for the First Time

For the 16th installment of “MAD About Jewelry,” the Museum of Arts and Design is moving the dates to April.

Sybilla Gets Set for Paris Presentation

The designer will present her collection from Tuesday through March 10.

Barneys Taps ATM Anthony Thomas Melillo for Freds Uniforms

The waitstaff at the new Chelsea, Manhattan location of Freds at Barneys will don uniforms courtesy of ATM Anthony Thomas Melillo.

The Best Moments From Black History Month

Today is Leap Day, but it’s also the last day of Black History Month. Despite #OscarsSoWhite, the Flint water crisis, and plenty of other moments of injustice, this has actually been one of the best Black History Months we’ve had in a while, with more people openly discussing issues of … More »

The New Search Engine for Kids Has Questionable Filters

The internet can be a complete cesspool of trash, various types of porn, and other traumatic imagery — so creating a search engine just for kids is actually a really good is intended to meet than need: It’s designed so the first three results for any "appropriate" search term are … More »

See Surreal Backstage Photos From Milan Fashion Week

Landon Nordeman photographed all of the backstage drama at Milan Fashion Week on behalf of the Cut last weekend, capturing a surreal spectacle: hazmat suits and jewel-encrusted armor at Philipp Plein, dramatic red-stained lips at Bottega Veneta, and rainbow leather at Salvatore Ferragamo. There were mod trench coats at Sportmax, cool jeans dotted in … More »