Monthly Archives: March 2019

Is This Mega-Popular Instagram Haircut a Lie — or the Truth?

An investigation into the #shaghaircut.

Elizabeth Gilbert Is Now Dating Her Late Partner’s ‘Beloved Friend’

“If you see me walking around with a tall handsome man on my arm, don’t be buggin.’”

The Shaving Company Executive Who Loves Combat Boots

You could say Brittania Boey’s style is … sharp.

Natalia Vodianova Takes Qatar

Vodianova will bring her popular fundraiser, Love Ball, to Doha’s Museum of Islamic Art.

Noted: Why Is Silicon Valley So Obsessed With the Virtue of Suffering?

The Stoics and friends continue to be the dominant thought leaders from Google to Apple — and a new entrepreneur lobbying firm has even named itself Cicero.

Skin Deep: Chelsea Handler Will Not Be Changing Her Face

Perhaps a little Botox, though, or maybe some filler. The comedian and actress, who has written a memoir, shares her beauty secrets.

What to Do If You’re Paid Less Than a Male Co-Worker

How to raise the issue, step by step.

A Complete Timeline of the Jussie Smollett Case

All the charges against the actor have now been dropped.

All Criminal Charges Dropped Against Jussie Smollett

The case has been cleared from his record.

‘I Make Six Figures As a Travel Influencer’

Former French teacher Oneika Raymond now gets paid to travel the world.