Monthly Archives: June 2020

Everything We Know About the Deeply Suspicious ‘Doomsday Couple’

Months after two Idaho children were reported missing, police have confirmed they’ve been found dead.

How This New Delhi–Based Journalist Gets Her Skin So Good

Nikita Upadhyay’s nighttime routine for dehydrated skin.

Don Jr. Attended a Maskless Mansion Party, Naturally

The president’s son and his girlfriend were spotted at a packed Hampton’s party, where basically no one wore a mask for safety.

Would You Like to Smell Like Space?

Soon you’ll be able to spritz NASA’s top-secret blend of raspberries, hot metal, and meat.

Now Is Not the Time to Talk About Your 14 Gorgeous Friesian Horses

“We have 14 gorgeous Friesians on the ranch,” Kim Kardashian West tweeted today, perhaps inadvisably.

What in the World Is Fashion Week Going to Be Like This Fall?

How the major brands are thinking about runway shows.

The Protests Aren’t Stopping Anytime Soon

One month into the nationwide uprising against police brutality, protesters have taken over City Hall Park in Manhattan to make their demands heard.

New Coronavirus Cases Are Still Increasing in 35 States

New cases have gone up 80 percent nationwide in the past two weeks.

YouTube Takes Shane Dawson’s Ads Away

Beauty YouTube as we knew it may be over as two major influencers face the next generation.

Checking In on Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas

It appears they have not yet tired of spending every waking hour together.