Monthly Archives: January 2021

My Neighbor, My Pandemic Pal

Coronavirus precautions have made it harder for people to spend time with friends and family. For some, neighbors are filling the gap.

Forget ‘Dry January’ and Other New Year’s Resolutions

It seems a long time since we pledged to drink less, eat better, exercise more, cut spending and stop doom-scrolling. Be gentle on yourself: It’s been a tough month.

Make a Finger Trap From Newspaper

Weave a classic gag from newspaper, then find someone to fool.

Simple Soup Recipes

With this foundation of vegetables and water, delicious, homemade soup doesn’t have to be complicated. Adding personality is up to you.

Making New Friends During a Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has profoundly disrupted some social circles. Here’s what experts and new pals have to say about making, and maintaining, pandemic friends.

Virtual Historic Home Tours

Bored with your surroundings? Walk the (virtual) halls of some storied grand houses.

Auto Insurance During a Pandemic

Is your car spending more time in the garage than on the road? You may be able to reduce your auto insurance payments.

Things To Do At Home

This week, celebrate Australia Day, make masala chai and listen to Natalie Portman discuss her new children’s book.

Eating Outside During the Pandemic

During the pandemic, wind chill and loaner blankets are the new considerations (don’t forget your handwarmers).

Manifesting, for the Rest of Us

A new generation has turned to an eons-old practice of envisioning positive outcomes.