Monthly Archives: March 2021

Italian Mafia Boss Brought Down by His Own Cooking Vlog

Police said it was his “love for Italian cuisine” that did him in.

The Traditional Makeover Show Gets a Makeover

In Shine True, Richie Shazam and Lucas Silveira help trans and nonbinary young adults become their brightest selves.

Poo Incident at the White House

Two likely suspects have emerged after a pile of feces appeared outside the Diplomatic Reception Room.

When Will Kids Be Able to Get the COVID Vaccine?

Currently, none of the vaccines have been approved for children under 16.

My New Favorite Skin-Care Products Are by Pharrell

And while they’re so popular they’re usually sold out, they’re currently back in stock.

Sharon Stone Says Britney Spears Wrote Her a Letter in 2007 Asking for Help

“There’s a huge breaking point, and there’s a point where you get broken.”

Is It Time for an Enid Collins Revival?

Generation Etsy has dusted off the wooden box handbags she designed in the 1960s. And now her son, Jeep, is publishing a memoir.

Filmmaker Isabel Sandoval Celebrates Transfeminine Splendor

Her latest film, Lingua Franca, tells a story of trans identity with sensuality and nuance.

Why Bother Being Nice?

Jonathan Van Ness on being kind in a mean world, on this week’s episode of “The Cut” podcast.

New York Just Legalized Recreational Weed

Thanks to tireless work from activists.