Monthly Archives: August 2021

For a Tony Nominee, an Apartment With a Sense of Drama

Kathryn Gallagher’s Upper West Side home ‘was never supposed to be a one-bedroom apartment.’ But that’s why she likes it.

Witness Says R. Kelly Raped Her Days After Marrying Aaliyah

And more updates from the singer’s sex-trafficking and racketeering trial.

The Demise of the Girlboss

The trope was infantilizing, sexist, and a pitfall of corporate feminism. But for many women, it was also essential.

Show Us the Rude Carrot

This phallic vegetable was too suggestive for New Zealand viewers.

Man Faces the Consequences of His Own Actions

Goodbye to Mike Richards, who lost both his host gig and executive producer job at Jeopardy! in the span of three weeks.

The New Status Fridge Is a Hidden from View

Good luck finding the ice.

Oh, to Be a Cow Airlifted Through the Swiss Alps

They are truly a sight to behold.

‘My Co-worker Doesn’t Pull His Weight’

You shouldn’t have to cajole a peer into doing his part.

How the Delta Variant Upended New York’s Hot Restaurant Summer

Restaurants steeled themselves for a post-pandemic summer of celebration. In June and July, they got it, but the Delta variant quashed that quickly.

Flo Rida, LL Cool J and Star Jones at the Angel Ball in the Hamptons

Despite the Delta surge, the charity circuit still draws celebrities, socialites and philanthropists.