Books Of Style: 9 Books That Would Make Great Gifts

A selection of novels, nonfiction and whodunits for readers on your gift list.

Books Of Style: Three New Books On Luxurious Cold-Weather Escapes

Three new books shed sun-drenched light on the world’s most luxurious cold-weather retreats, from Monte Carlo to the Caribbean to Palm Beach.

T Magazine: A Recipe for Happiness

Can a meal be more than just a delicious coming together of fine ingredients? Can it alter your feelings in predictive ways? The Michelin-starred chef Joël Robuchon and his neuropharmacologist have created dishes to cure what ails you. Plus: A trout recipe to cure what ails you.

T Magazine: Sign of the Times | Walk, Don’t Run

A case for taking the scenic route – not by boat or bike, but on two feet.

T Magazine: Bookshelf | ‘Wordbirds,’ a Fine-Feathered Compendium of Modern-Day Neologisms

The writer Liesl Schillinger shares the process that produced her illustrated volume of newly minted expressions for describing contemporary life (“cancellelation,” “occuplaytion”), and lists 10 personal favorites.


T Magazine: Sign of the Times | The Geopolitics of Name-Dropping

Moldova to Micronesia. Bombay to Burma. East Timor to South Sudan. For well-traveled sophisticates, the world is an ever-shifting big geography lesson.


Books Of Style: Books Offer Career Advice, and Tips on How to Quit and Find a New Job

Three books advise on how to quit your job or reinvent your career.


‘Fear of Flying’ by Erica Jong, 40 Years Later

Erica Jong’s “Fear of Flying,” published 40 years ago, has its fervent supporters, men and women alike.


Books Of Style: Simon Doonan: In the Mind of a Ringmaster

The author’s reminiscences are like a box of Sour Patch Kids, making you salivate for more even as your lips pucker from the tartness.


Modern Love: A Lesson in the Desert

A whirlwind courtship and marriage comes to an abrupt halt.