Fashion News

My Year of Grief and Cancellation

What was I trying to accomplish with my anonymous Tumblr?

When the Romance Ends, but the Brand Goes On

Tamara Ralph and Michael Russo, who make fantasy dresses for the superrich, had a personal fairy tale narrative. Now, they are writing a new chapter.

Gucci Extends Lease in Trump Tower

Tiffany and other luxury companies have stepped away from deals with the former president’s organization, but not Gucci.

What Was the Vertical Club?

As we listlessly hoist our home dumbbells, let’s take a deep breath and reflect on a lost epicenter of New York City fitness culture.

Johnson & Johnson COVID Vaccine Deemed Safe and Effective

Analysis by the FDA shows a third vaccine option offers strong protection against severe and fatal coronavirus infections.

KAWS at the Brooklyn Museum: A Coming-Out Party

The Simpsons, Snoopy and the Smurfs are all here in a survey of the artist Brian Donnelly’s 25-year career.

The Shoe Designer Who Loves a Chunky Heel

Chelsea Paris’s Theresa Ebagua makes bold shoes inspired by her Nigerian heritage.

Finding Art Miles Away From the Expected

Hanne Tierney has made her FiveMyles gallery in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, both a beacon and an anchor for the neighborhood.

New York Forever, Baby

Proceeds from this Alex Mill slogan tee support city restaurant workers.

This Lawyer-Turned-Model Is Now a L’Oréal Spokesperson

Nidhi Sunil’s face has a new job.